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How to Choose Glasses Frames Based on Your Face Shape

Today, choosing new glasses is more exciting than ever. You’re no longer limited to the selection at your local eye clinic–thousands of glasses are available online, allowing you to find the exact style you’re looking for. But with all these choices, it can be challenging to narrow your options down to just one.

For this reason, it’s good to know the top factors to consider when choosing your next type of glasses. And while finding the best eyeglass lenses and frame shapes are essential parts of the process, another top consideration is your face shape.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about choosing your next pair of glasses based on your face shape.

How to Choose Glasses Based on Face Shape

Why is Face Shape Important for Glasses?

While it isn’t a necessary hard rule to follow, using your face shape as a guideline when choosing glasses can help you get the most out of your new look. Certain frame shapes can help to accent facial features for each face shape–this may help balance the face and provide a more aesthetically pleasing look.

What is My Face Shape?

The first step is identifying which face shape you have. While every face is different, there are several categories that are used to describe face shape. That being said, you may not match any one shape perfectly–choose the one that you feel is the best match.


Round faces are fairly uniform in length and width and have soft features. The hairline, cheeks, and jawline are each smooth and curved.


Square faces are similar to round faces in that they have roughly equal length and width. However, square faces will have more angular features; a pronounced jawline and forehead are hallmark traits.


Triangular faces are characterized by broad foreheads, wide cheekbones, and a narrow chin that comes to a point–coming together to resemble an upside-down triangle.


Oval faces have smooth features, but unlike round faces, they are longer than they are wide. The cheekbones will be the widest part of the face, while the forehead and chin will be more narrow and rounded. In this way, oval faces are thought of as a hybrid between round and square faces.


Like oval faces, rectangular faces are longer than they are wide, but the forehead and chin are roughly the same widths as the cheekbones.


Diamond faces are the more angular cousins of the oval face shape. High, prominent cheekbones and a narrow, pointed chin are distinguishing features.


The most prominent feature of a heart-shaped face is a widow’s peak hairline–this gives the impression that the forehead is “indented” like the top of a heart. Additionally, the forehead will be wider than the jawline and chin, the latter of which ends in a point.

Choosing Glasses by Face Shape

Now comes the fun part: matching glasses to your face shape. Remember, use this as a guideline for selecting your next pair of glasses, not a set of hard rules to follow. After all, choosing glasses is about getting the style that you like best.

Glasses for Round Faces

Round faces can be complemented by frame shapes with sharp angles that contrast the smooth facial features. Rectangular frames are a great option for two reasons: not only are they angular, but the difference in length and width helps to contrast the uniformity of a round face.

Other angular frame shapes, such as square frames or geometric frames, work to a similar effect. For an eye-catching look, cat-eye glasses or browline glasses also work well with a round face.

Glasses for Square Faces

Conversely to round faces, the best glasses for square faces feature smooth, curvy lines. This helps to soften edges while complementing a square face’s strong jawline. This makes round frames an excellent pick–while notoriously hard to pull off, those with square faces can do so with ease.

For a less bold look, oval frames will also work great for square faces.

Glasses for Triangle Faces

The best frames for a triangular face will help to balance the larger width of the forehead and the smaller width of the chin. For this reason, cat-eye glasses or browline glasses are excellent choices. These frame shapes help to minimize the width of the top half of the face.

Glasses for Oval Faces

Oval faces are one of the most versatile face shapes when it comes to glasses. While angular frames can help accent the rounded features, round frames can also help to balance the length of the face. To accent the shape’s length and smoothness, try oversized square frames for a bold, stunning look.

Glasses for Rectangle Faces

Like oval faces, rectangle faces pair well with most types of frame shapes. That being said, frames with rounded sides are generally a good choice for the same reason square faces.

For a bit of added personality, Aviator frames are an excellent choice for rectangular faces. They feature a softer design that also introduces a bit of width to the longer face, which can help balance the features even further.

Glasses for Diamond Faces

Diamond faces are one of the most unique face shapes, but there are a variety of frame shapes that work well for them. For a confident look, pair the angular features of a diamond face with round frames to achieve strong contrast. 

To play it a bit safer, cat-eye glasses or browline glasses also work particularly well with diamond face shapes; however, it’s best to avoid styles that are too sharp.

Glasses for Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces are another versatile shape, allowing for a number of different frame styles. Different frame shapes will accent different features–for example, round frames will help to balance the points in the shape, while Aviators can help to balance the wider top half of the face.

Oval frames are a great middle-ground for adding length while balancing the points on the chin and the hairline.

Find the Right Shape with Hubble

Pairing your face shape with the best frame shape can be a rewarding experience. That being said, you should always choose your next pair of glasses based on what you like best–after all, getting new glasses should be fun!

Get the best of both worlds with Hubble. Our line of glasses features frames to fit any face shape while also offering a wide variety of styles and designs to suit your needs. Hubble glasses also feature high-quality lenses equipped with a variety of coatings—including anti-scratch and anti-reflective—so that you know your glasses will perform as good as they look.

Getting new glasses is fun—so getting started today by checking out Hubble’s men’s and women’s glasses.