Is it time for new glasses, we think so!

Fri, January 21st, 2022

We're very excited to share the launch of our various new frames with you. 

Hubble now offers frames in various new collections, Tortoise, Trendsetter, Crystal, Timeless and Bespoke. Each collection has stylish and trendy new frames, making it easier to find eyewear that suits your features and style. 

Hubble also now has kid’s glasses which we're confident your little ones will be excited to wear.

With so many new frames to choose from, how can you select just one?


What are the new Frames by Hubble collections? 

Before starting your shopping adventures, let's get to know the new frame collections and some of Hubble's favorite glasses from each. 

    Frames Collections


The frames in the Tortoise Collection are versatile and made to flatter every face. The vibrant colors and patterns allow for a stand-out artistic look that pairs perfectly with any look. Here are some uni-sex frames we love from this collection.

  • Taro: These glasses have a vibrant crystal frame with a subtle tortoise temple. These frames come in three different designs; Clear Crystal with Amethyst, Pale Blue Crystal with Black Tortoise, and Blush Crystal with Sunspot Tortoise.
                        Taro Frames
  • Calloway: Hubble's Calloway frames are bold and sleek all in one. These glasses offer a unique frame shape paired with a thin steel temple to give it the ultimate “wow” effect. Calloway comes in Sunspot Tortoise with Gold steel, Clear Crystal with Eclipse Steel, and Eclipse with Smoke Steel. 



      The frames in this collection are for the bold statement makers out there. You'll find bewitchingly classy, horn-rimmed, and undoubtedly attention-grabbing frames. Here are some uni-sex frames from this collection you have to have. 

      • Crosby: Hubble's Crosby frames give off a mysterious yet playful vibe. These frames are bold, artistic and will dress up any outfit. They come in Blush with Gold Steel, Sky Blue with Silver Steel, and Lilac with Gold Steel. 

        • Neutra: These frames give off a studious yet casual look. Their horn-rimmed design paired with sleek steel touches makes them perfect for everyday wear. These frames come in Eclipse with Gold Steel, Sorrel with Gold Steel, and Lilac with Gold Steel. 



          The Crystal Collection offers translucent frames designed for subtle flair in colors to complement every face. In this collection, you'll find stylish, captivating frames in an array of designs that are sure to catch anyone's eye. Here are some unisex frames from this collection that will have you running to checkout.

          • Mori: Hubble's Mori frames are subtle yet crystal frames and matte temples in matching enchanting. These glasses' frame and temple play off one another with brilliant color and texture. With color schemes, you just can't help but want a pair. Mori comes in Pale Blue Crystal with Matte Midnight Blue, Crystal Blush with Matte Rose, and Clear Crystal with Matte Eclipse. 

            • Andi: These frames have a premium acetate front with stainless steel temples for a polished edgy appearance. The crystal front of these frames is incredibly stylish and pairs nicely with the subtle thin stainless steel temples that finish off with clear temple tips. These frames come in Clear Crystal with Cerulean Steel, Clear Crystal with Eclipse Steel, and Clear Crystal with Gold Steel.  



              This frame collection is designed with simplicity in mind—these classics will never go out of style. In this collection, you'll find key favorites that are as chic as they are professional. Timeless frames offer clean and fresh designs fostered in sophistication. Here are some timeless unisex frames. 

              • Powell: Hubble's Powell glasses are narrow comfortable stainless steel frames. These frames have a round front, accentuating the eyes, and a subtle, sleek temple. Powell frames come in Sorrel Steel, Eclipse Steel, and Blue Eclipse Steel. 


                • Welling: These are medium size stainless steel frames with acetate temples. Welling frames are delicate and modish yet comfortable enough for all-day wear. These frames come in Midnight Steel, Eclipse Steel, and Smoke Steel. 


                  This collection incorporates vintage styles with a nod to the past—exuding sophistication from every angle. Hubble's Bespoke collection is as eclectic as it is aesthetically pleasing. With frames in various shapes and styles, you're bound to find the perfect hipster look with our Bespoke collection. Here are our favorite unisex frames from this collection. 

                  • Dewey: These medium-sized frames are made from premium acetate, with a touch of elegant steel, and sourced from natural fibers. Dewey's horn-rimmed shape pairs perfectly with the thin metal encircling the lenses. They come in matte Ash Blue with Smoke Steel, matte Eclipse with Smoke Steel, and matte Sorrel with Gold Steel.


                      • Bilbao: These frames have a round stainless steel front and matching temples with acetate tips for added comfort. Hubble's Bilbao frames will stand out with any outfit choice, giving you the perfect retrograde feel. They come in Gold Steel with Blush Trim, Gold Steel with Amethyst Trim, and Gold steel with Eclipse Trim. 

                                                 Bilbao Frames


                        Hubble is excited to announce the addition of children's eyewear to our collection of Frames by Hubble. They’re tailor-made for little faces with durability and comfort at the forefront of their creation. These tiny specs are built to last, with durable TR90 material that is damage and impact-resistant. Your little ones can be free to run and play, all while seeing the world clearly. Here are some unisex frames your child is sure to love. 

                        • Kupka: These frames are comfortable, durable, and edgy with a pop of color and fun. These frames come in a lively Sunspot tortoise with Marigold Trim, a more modest Cerulean Eclipse with Soft Slate Trim, and a spirited Eclipse with Mars Trim. 

                                                   Kupka Kids Frames
                          • Kai: Hubble's Kai frames are durable and flexible TR90 material with rubber coating for a soft feel. These adorable frames are sure to be a hit with your little one. Kai frames come in a subtle matte Eclipse with Soft Slate Trim, a delightful Matte Eclipse with Cerulean Trim, and a cheerful Matte Eclipse with Blush Trim. 

                                                      Kai Kids Frames


                            What customers love about Frames by Hubble

                            After years of providing affordable contacts to millions of people, we wanted to offer a better alternative for glasses wearers.

                            We found a way to develop stylish and durable frames at competitive rates. Not only do we design and build many of our glasses in-house, but we've also expanded our collection by sourcing incredible frames from top-level manufacturers. 

                            Contemporary looks combined with our expertise in economic costs and efficiency mean you get the best of both worlds. Finding affordable and stylish eyewear just got that much easier!

                            Hubble's lenses are available in a standard, blue light, or polarized lens type, and all Hubble’s Custom designed frames are made from high-quality cellulose acetate. Derived from cotton, acetate provides quality softness yet is highly durable and malleable enough to fit any face size. 

                            The newly added Hubble-Approved Collection expands our catalog to various styles and materials sourced from a family-owned, top-level US manufacturer. These frames will stand up to wear and tear while giving you the sharpness and clarity of vision you need. 

                            Our construction process includes actual humans. You'll see our devotion to the craft right down to the minute details. Each pair is hand-assembled and polished to order before getting shipped out with a sleek carrying case and microfiber cloth for easy toting and maintenance.

                            The best part is they start at just $48. So, what are you waiting for? Get a pair of Frames by Hubble today!

                            Frames by Hubble
                            starting at $48

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