Love your eyes!

Mon, February 14th, 2022

Our eyes allow us to view the many wonders of the world, pursue careers we love, and most of all see the unforgettable expressions on the faces of those closest to us.

More often than not we forget how precious sight is and to appreciate all that it offers us each and every day. 

February is Low Vision Awareness Month and millions of Americans suffer from vision impairments that limit their ability to view the world around them. 

In honor of all those who struggle with low vision, our Hubble team wishes to express what their vision means to them and to encourage each of you to remember to love and care for your eyes. 

Steve Druckman, CEO 

" I try not to take my vision for granted and love being able to see the world clearly with my amazing Hubble Frames. I have them in multiple colors so now I not only can see the world clearly, but with these great colors and styles, the world can see me clearly too!"

Leo Royzengurt, VP of Engineering

“My vision allows me to pursue my career, ride my motorcycle, and take in the beauty of the world around me when I travel. I am able to watch my children grow and play, thanks to Hubble contacts I can see the world clearly and comfortably.”

Christine Johnson, Senior Director of People & Culture

“Sight allows me to capture and mentally store all the beauty that surrounds me. It also allows me to bear witness to the injustices and sorrows and take action alongside my peers. With my vision, I am immersed in all the wonders and oddities of the world, and all is made clear with Hubble.”

Simrat Singh, Senior Manager, CX Analytics

“My vision is a gift that keeps giving. It allows me to care for my family, especially when they can't find the things that are right there! Additionally, my son's cerulean blue Hubble glasses help him make that 3-pointer shot in Basketball, hit the bull's eye with his bow and arrow and spot clean his limited-edition sneakers.”

Stephen Greco, Technical Scrum Project Manager

“Throughout my 20+ years in the optical industry, I have been fortunate enough to be able to use my vision to help others improve their vision. Seeing the expression on a customer’s face when they put on a new pair of glasses or put in a fresh pair of contacts has been very rewarding.”

Tim B., Software Engineer

“My vision allows me to see the beauty of the world and learn from it. I didn’t get corrective lenses until I was older, and I was amazed at how crisp everything was supposed to be. Now I appreciate seeing the world clearly.”

Cristina R., Content Creator

“My vision allows me to see the smile on my children’s faces and that of loved ones, view the gorgeous changing colors of the seasons, and to remember the vivid details of the most profound moments of my life.”

From our Hubble Family to yours we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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