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Why Hubble Contacts Are So Affordable

You may be curious about the origins of our name: Hubble Contacts. The telescope right? Like, in space, orbiting somewhere out there? Yes, that Hubble telescope. And just like how that Hubble telescope helped us, human-race-wise, see everything a bit more clearly around us, in a cosmic way, we were inspired to make a contact lens that helps you see a little bit better in your day-to-day life.

Our primary motivation and sensibility are that we’re streamlined and efficient; we’ve essentially partnered directly with factories, and assembled a team of designers, and supply-chain savants, to source a well-made, highly affordable contact lenses that we can ship straight to you.

We want you to be able to see clearly without breaking the bank; we know, as you know, the high cost of lenses, and how difficult this can make the process of seeing clearly, and having comfortable, well-made lenses on hand.

How are we able to keep costs so low, you might ask?

We keep our overhead low and run things as efficiently and effectively as possible

We have constructed our team, and company, like a nimble, well-run machine to ensure we are able to get products to you as simply, quickly, and efficiently as we can. We are not a massive organization; we maintain the kernel of energy and dexterity that was in our DNA when we originally launched Hubble in 2016.

The idea for Hubble came from the idea for a swiftly adaptable intervention in the contact lens market; we like to keep things that way and pass the savings on to you.

Finding our factory partner was a careful and deliberate process. We wanted someone we could trust to deliver on the well-made product we had in mind, while also keeping the price points where we wanted them—that is, within the reach of our consumers, who wanted reasonably priced lenses.

We landed on St. Shine, which creates billions of lenses annually and subjects them to careful testing and consideration, for our manufacturing colleagues.

Working directly with our factories keeps things simple, efficient, and cost-conscious.

Get your $1 box of Hubble contacts


We care about low prices for contact lenses

We are aware that people, for a variety of reasons, can be tempted to misuse or overuse contact lenses, with dangerous consequences. It’s often lost on some contacts-wearers that you’re using a highly sensitive and sophisticated medical device right on your cornea; if it’s starting to show wear, or extended beyond its designated use timeline, you’re potentially going to start running into problems.

We didn’t want contact lens customers feeling like they needed to stretch their lenses beyond what was advisable or healthy. So, in our overall organization, manufacturing, and design, we prioritize the affordability of our daily lenses.

Use them, toss them out, and start with a crisp new pair every day. Don’t feel the pressure of taxing your lenses, or having to ration them; get a bundle of well-made, reasonably priced dailies to use on a daily basis, and when in need of a fresh pair.

Easy and ready to go.

We like to keep things in-house—with an eye toward perfecting processes internally

It’s not only our lenses that we want to regard as works of art. We also want to ensure all the details of our packaging, design, and related promotional processes look as beautiful and elegant as the lenses will feel and look when worn.

So, as part of our streamlined sensibility, we design much of our packaging—which is 100% recyclable, using our highly qualified in-house design team.

No need to extend beyond what experts we have on hand by contracting and parceling out these tasks beyond the Hubble headquarters where we have quality control.

More done internally means we are able to save costs for the consumer, who doesn’t have to subsidize these larger processes and internal mechanisms. 

We send our lenses directly to you

We believe that you should experience as much ease as possible in your contacts-buying experience. Part of this means that we then want to help you receive your lenses when you want before you even have to think or stress about it. That is why we offer revolving subscriptions where you get sent a box of fresh lenses to your door when you need it, on a timely basis.

We are then the direct link between the lenses being manufactured and you; we oversee the shipping process, and make sure, again, we are eliminating redundancies, and ensuring things are as utilitarian, and reasonable, in their processes of arriving to you.

This immediate line to the user, and consumer, help keep things simple and avoid unnecessary expenditures. 

Our brand is affordability

As a new contact lens company on the scene, part of what we want “Hubble” to mean is cost-effectiveness in receiving great lenses, that you can use and replace as needed, as effortlessly as we can make it. This means that the “brand” you are paying for is our dedication to connecting you with the most accessible, well-crafted contact lenses possible.

We know that when you are choosing Hubble, you are buying our concept: that you want the best contacts for your dollar, and that the simplicity of service, shipping, and purchasing, is what you prioritize most.

Hubble delivers on that, without adding in unnecessary steps or having you pay a mark-up beyond the threshold of affordability that we are committed to. 

We did our research

We come from the world of direct-to-consumer; we’d like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about how to eliminate unnecessary steps and give customers the best possible product without having to pay for flash and advertising.

In researching essentially how we wanted to construct Hubble, we wanted it to be in league with, and put our own spin on, the best of direct-to-consumer, while sacrificing none of the reliability you obviously want from a device you rely on for something as important as vision.

This past research, when building the foundation for Hubble, helped us create something that works—and which works for our customers, you.