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Hydro by Hubble Contact Lenses

30 daily lenses

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Hioxifilcon A

Naturally hydrating daily contact lenses with innovative packaging. With high water content, Hydro by Hubble daily disposable contact lenses provide all-day comfort for dry eyes.

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Naturally Hydrating Contacts for Dry Eyes

See things from a new perspective with Hydro by Hubble contact lenses. With their smooth edges and moisture-retaining materials, these hydrating lenses are designed for comfort.

  • Single vision soft contact lenses made from Hioxifilcon A material
  • Contains 57% water content - made from poly (HEMA-GMA) that naturally attracts and bonds with water molecules to enhance moisture retention
  • Designed for easy insertion, all-day comfort, and crystal-clear vision
  • The slimmest contact lens packaging in the world: less waste, less plastic, more convenient
  • The unique hygienic touch packaging always places the lens correctly face down, allowing the wearer to only touch the outer lens surface for a quicker, more hygienic experience.
  • The ultra-thin edges minimize eyelid friction and improve comfort.
A graphic demonstrating the difference between the smooth edge profile of Hydro by Hubble contacts versus traditional lenses

Blink Comfort Edge

The contacts’ incredibly thin edges minimize eyelid friction and maximize comfort.

One Box of hydrating Hydro by Hubble Contact Lenses in water

Natural Eye Hydration

Made with tear-bonding materials that keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable all day.

A visual comparison of Hydro by Hubble contacts slim packaging versus traditional lenses

Innovative Packaging

Fewer raw materials, less plastic use, and 80% less waste add up to the world’s slimmest contact lens packaging.

A hand reaches for a Hydro by Hubble contact lens